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    Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me you seek out tigers and lions for entertainment? Skeptical african kid    you mean to tell me that condoms are worse than aids? Skeptical african kid    SO You're telling me people in america pay to have babies? Skeptical african kid    So you're telling me that people sign up to go to court? Skeptical african kid    So you're telling me you've never had a hippopotamus eat your brother? Skeptical african kid    are you telling me not all hondas are vtec? Skeptical african kid    you actually tell me you flush your toilet.With perfectly clean water? Skeptical african kid    You mean people sleep on the ground for fuN? Skeptical african kid    good,goodlet the butt hurt flow through you!!!! Skeptical african kid    So you're trying to bring me back to America? I'm not falling for that shit again

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