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    Google Doodle Honoring British Mathematician a Brain Game    Alan Turing The first one to doodle will be the last one to leave Muppet Alphabet Art Saatchi Online Artist: Kareen Hague; Acrylic, 2012, Painting "Beauty Within" L’altra figura beautifully designed piece of art Amazing piece of modern art We behold thee, and a haze,
Prometheus, dims our eyes,
Of awe and of many tears for thee,
When we look at thee on this rock and see
Thy body parched by hot rays
And fettered with iron in shameful chains.
But now in Olympus a new lord reigns,
And Zeus kings in lawless guise,
By laws that are wondrously changed of late,
And those who were great
In the ancient days meet a pitiful fate.

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