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    Skeptical african kid    What choo talkin bout lisa ling? Skeptical african kid    So you tell your kids to think about me when forcing them to finish their plate? Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me them tities are real? Skeptical african kid    So your telling me people in the u.s. complain about too much water? Skeptical african kid    so i phone 5 is almost here?!?! do i want it?? no darling, i prefer to eat for 2 years Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me you won't slap my wrist again Skeptical african kid    SO YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT WHEN IT RAINS, YOU PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT IT? Skeptical african kid    So, what you're telling me is110 lbs in america is considered skinny? Skeptical african kid    So you're trying to bring me back to America? I'm not falling for that shit again Skeptical african kid    So you're telling me you've never had a hippopotamus eat your brother?

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