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    the term bridezilla means nothing I appreciate you for your kindness, sense of humor and ability to get creeps to leave us alone You're cordially invited to witness a large chunk of our parents' savings disappear in a five hour time span. | Wedding/Engagement Ecard | Let's critique people's wedding announcements | Wedding Ecard | Congrats on running away from the altar! | Wedding Ecard | I would like to ask you to be my bridesmaid with the understanding that you will not attempt to look sexier than me. | Wedding Ecard | I'd rather be marrying Ryan Gosling, but I guess you will do. | Wedding Ecard | This bitch just told me that she has herpes| Wedding/Engagement Ecard | you sir are a mummy's boy, a cunt and a disgrace to masculinity. | Wedding Ecard | If we can't watch gay porn together we shouldn't get married. | Wedding Ecard |

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