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    Skeptical african kid    Tell me more about theSe Boilermakers Skeptical african kid    So you say you love him YOU'VE only known him for 5 minutes Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me people haven't watched taking the hobbits to isengard before? Skeptical african kid    I APPRECIATE YOUR CONCERN BUT SHOULDN'T YOU BE IN THE KITCHEN? Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me you had to walk 3 blocks to get home? i had to walk 6 days for water. Skeptical african kid    So you're telling me romney thinks london is not ready? Skeptical african kid    So you are telling me that white people with red hair do have souls? Skeptical african kid    So Your telling meBath Salt isn't for taking baths Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me ken lezem bass edrs la enja7 bkell l mawed! Skeptical african kid    You mean people sleep on the ground for fuN?

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