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    Skeptical african kid    Earlier, you said Skeptical african kid    So Your're Telling Me People think liking/sharing a picture of me gone save me? Skeptical african kid    Gives that girl the look Kidnapped by kony Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me Mitt Romney is the best republican You can find? Skeptical african kid    So, what you're telling me is110 lbs in america is considered skinny? Skeptical african kid    So you are telling me that white people with red hair do have souls? Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me i need a job for experience, and experience for a job? Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me I can't have 20 oz sodas anymore? Skeptical african kid    So YOU'Re telling me you still havent got timeline yet? Skeptical african kid    are you telling me not all hondas are vtec?

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