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Thanks for reminding me
why I don't feel guilty
that I can't stand you. Quote on sarcasm ecard: It's not revenge!  I'm simply returning
the favor Quote on sarcasm ecard: P.M.S.

Severely Quote on sarcasm ecard: I want to go to
Walmart, but I can't
seem to find my
pajamas. Quote on sarcasm ecard: Sometimes, the first step
to forgiveness is realizing
the other person is a
complete idiot! Quote on sarcasm ecard: I once had a life, then
some idiot came and
told me to make a
Facebook page Quote on sarcasm ecard: 
I wake up in a good
mood every single
morning and then
idiots happen Quote on sarcasm ecard: The only thing that is fast at Hostgator
is their billing department. Quote on sarcasm ecard: My friend told me that
onions are the only food 
that make you cry so I
threw a coconut at his
head. Quote on sarcasm ecard: Enter Your Text Here.

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Sorry you're intimidated
by me. Kardashian, Lopez inspire rise of Beverly Hills 'butt job' <br> Mitt Romney To Flood Victim: 'Go Home And Call 211' <br> Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney launched the final leg of his Lee and now Isaac. please god make my friends fat ck002bu grey 1 Family ecard: Families are like fudge:
mostly sweet with a few


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