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    Skeptical african kid    So he said mega muscular power bottom bear, And he aint gay? Skeptical african kid    all i have to do is cry, not blow my nose , attract flies to my face and white people will give me money Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me people haven't watched taking the hobbits to isengard before? Skeptical african kid    SO YOU'RE TELLING ME YOUR CELL ISN't working well? Skeptical african kid    so you're telling me that you take shits in clean water? Skeptical african kid    So you're telling me that people sign up to go to court? Skeptical african kid    So Your're Telling Me People think liking/sharing a picture of me gone save me? Skeptical african kid    so your telling me in the u.s. , eating too much is a bad thing? Skeptical african kid    You mean to tell me 15 seconds didn't satisfy you? Skeptical african kid    So you're tellin me Your name is spelt with a 'ia' when it's clearly pronounced Sharn?

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    Uploaded August 4, 2012

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