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    Quote on drunk ecard: ALCOHOL:

I only drink to make
YOU more
interesting Quote on drunk ecard: What's thirty feet and
smells like urine. 

Line dancing at the
nursing home. Quote on drunk ecard: Part of me says Quote on drunk ecard: I drink only because you
bore me to death Quote on drunk ecard: 
We are a bad influencebut damn we
are fun!!! Quote on drunk ecard: Trust me, you can dance!


Vodka Quote on drunk ecard: We need a lot of coffee to start the
day and a lot of booze
to end it Quote on drunk ecard: 
I do not get drunk.

I get awesome Quote on drunk ecard: Coffee keeps me busy until
it's acceptable to drink
wine Quote on drunk ecard: Tequila helps me appreciate
the smaller things in life
like shot glasses Quote on drunk ecard: 
If it's not a beer, don't
park it here Quote on drunk ecard: If you're happy and you know it, what
cocktail of prescription meds are you

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stronger. Quote on default ecard: So she spelled out
bitch hole. Like my
mom doesn't know
how to spell it. I can't
believe that bitch hole
insulted my moms
intelligence like that.
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