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    Quote on drunk ecard: I tried cooking with wine for the first
time last night.  

After the first five
glasses, I forgot why I
was in the kitchen... Quote on drunk ecard: I almost had an 'I need a
guy moment', but then I
was able to get the
vodka bottle open Quote on drunk ecard: Since kids get an ice
cream truck, can adults
have a liquor truck? Quote on drunk ecard: You look like I need a
drink Quote on drunk ecard: Alcohol may be man's
worst enemy but the
bible says love your
enemy. Quote on drunk ecard: Weekend forecast:
Mild alcoholism with a
70% chance of poor
decisions and poor
judgement.  An
increasing chance of
regret and a
hangover for Sunday. Quote on drunk ecard: Claustrophobia is the
fear of closed places. 
For example, when I go
to the liquor store,
I'm often afraid it
may be closed. Quote on drunk ecard: i'm hammered Quote on drunk ecard: 
If it's not a beer, don't
park it here Quote on drunk ecard: This beer tastes like I'm not going to
work tomorrow Quote on drunk ecard: Let's try to alternate our blackout
times so we can piece together our
nights Quote on drunk ecard: I drink only because you
bore me to death

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