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    Quote on drunk ecard: 
A balanced diet is a glass
of beer in each hand Quote on drunk ecard: I'm not saying you're ugly at all.
But, you're about 15 shots of tequila
away from being
my type. Quote on drunk ecard: Gone are the days girls
cooked like their mothers.

Now they drink like
their fathers. Quote on drunk ecard: In defense of alcohol, I've
done some pretty stupid
stuff completely sober
also. Quote on drunk ecard: If you're happy and you know it, what
cocktail of prescription meds are you
on? Quote on drunk ecard: I'm outdoorsy in that I
like getting drunk on a
patio Quote on drunk ecard: Your inspirational quotes inspire me to
drink more and listen less to whatever
the hell you are
saying Quote on drunk ecard: Of course size matters.

No one wants a small
glass of wine Quote on drunk ecard: Bravo
Romeo Quote on drunk ecard: Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my
weekend until
Monday sobers me
up!!   Quote on drunk ecard: One cannot stay sober all
morning, right? Quote on drunk ecard: Do people who swirl and sniff their
wine in the glass
know that it tastes
just the same
straight from the
bottle? Amateurs. 


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