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    Quote on drunk ecard: It doesn't matter whether the glass is
half-full or half empty.  Clearly, the
glass has room for more wine Quote on drunk ecard: Let's try to alternate our blackout
times so we can piece together our
nights Quote on drunk ecard: I'm not an alcoholic,
alcoholics go to

I'm a drunk, we go
to parties. Quote on drunk ecard: Where shall we drink lunch today? Quote on drunk ecard: 
I do not get drunk.

I get awesome... Quote on drunk ecard: My raise this year will go to paying
for the alcohol that
helps me endure being
underpaid. Quote on drunk ecard: A woman's place
is in
the stove. Quote on drunk ecard: What do you mean I
should be more
productive?  Do you
think this cocktail made
itself? Quote on drunk ecard: Sometimes I drink water
just to wake up my liver Quote on drunk ecard: If it's not a beer, don't park
it here Quote on drunk ecard: You know nothing about
a woman until she is
drunk or mad at you. Quote on drunk ecard: Every time I hear that
dirty word 'exercise', I
wash out my mouth
with wine

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