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Quote on drunk ecard: Claustrophobia is the
fear of closed places. 
For example, when I go
to the liquor store,
I'm often afraid it
may be closed. Quote on drunk ecard: You know nothing about
a woman until she is
drunk or mad at you. Quote on drunk ecard: 
We are a bad influence... but damn we
are fun!!! Quote on drunk ecard: 
I only drink to make YOU
more interesting Quote on drunk ecard: Where shall we drink lunch today? Quote on drunk ecard: I have yet to find a
problem that can't be
solved with a bottle
of wine Quote on drunk ecard: Gone are the days girls
cooked like their mothers.

Now they drink like
their fathers. Quote on drunk ecard: You're not drunk if you
can lie on the floor
without holding on Quote on drunk ecard: Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my
weekend until
Monday sobers me

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Quote on inspirational ecard: The harder you work to make
something happen, the
better you will feel when
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Quote on drunk ecard: I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.
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