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    Quote on drunk ecard: A 18-a csütörtök egy remek nap az
ivásra, ha eleget iszunk, legalább nem
kell hazudnunk másnap,
ha betelefonálunk, hogy
nem tudunk dolgozni
menni, mert rosszul
vagyunk Quote on drunk ecard: 

a balanced diet is a
beer in each hand Quote on drunk ecard: Warning:

Drinking alcoholic beverages before
pregnancy may cause
pregnancy. Quote on drunk ecard: Always buy more
alcohol than you think
you will need.

Better safe than
sober! Quote on drunk ecard: To drink or to drink more.

That is the question Quote on drunk ecard: You look like I need a
drink Quote on drunk ecard: Your inspirational quotes inspire me to
drink more and listen less to whatever
the hell you are
saying Quote on drunk ecard: You make me want to be a
better alcoholic Quote on drunk ecard: Works sucks.

I want wine Quote on drunk ecard: Sometimes I drink water
just to wake up my liver Quote on drunk ecard: Oh you're a foodie?

I guess that makes me a
drinkie. Quote on drunk ecard: People who say I'm hard to
shop for clearly don't
know where to buy wine

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    After 18 Innings and Almost 6 Hours, Astros Send Braves Packing Again <br> Jones, the Braves' third baseman, said his bat felt heavy on his eighth trip to the plate, but he said that was nothing compared with the emotional burden felt in the Atlanta dugout during the last two hours of the game. The Braves were facing elimination Breakup ecard: Don't you hate when
you are finally forgetting
about someone and
they appear again to
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    Pegged May 13, 2013

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