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    Quote on drunk ecard: I don't have a drinking problem.  I just
get really thirsty. Quote on drunk ecard: Honey, pull the wine bag
out of the box and stick a
straw in it.  I will call it an
adult capri sun Quote on drunk ecard: I just read an article
about the dangers of
drinking and it scared
the hell out of me. 
So, that's itno
more reading! Quote on drunk ecard: One cannot stay sober all
morning, right? Quote on drunk ecard: I tried cooking with wine for the first
time last night.  

After the first five
glasses, I forgot why I
was in the kitchen Quote on drunk ecard: In defense of alcohol, I've
done some pretty stupid
stuff completely sober
also. Quote on drunk ecard: If you can't be happy, at least you can
be drunk Quote on drunk ecard: 
If it's not a beer, don't
park it here Quote on drunk ecard: Isn't it funny how 
drinking eight glasses 
of water a day 
seems nearly

but eight beers
is SO easy?!!! Quote on drunk ecard: Every time I hear that
dirty word 'exercise', I
wash out my mouth
with wine

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    Quote on boyfriend ecard: why??! Dont men
understand menstrual
Pains! Thank god for
Vicodin! sports bras NOT SURE IF I SAID SOMETHING WRONG OR IF I'M OVERANALYZING AGAIN meme Police Watches PL12696JVSB/02 Marshall Mens Black Leather Watch Lite DLX Duffle with wheels 55cm/20inch Sand [04] Family Year Supply of Food Storage | Freeze Dried   Long Shelf Life Now Now Hackers Never Win meme TOKYObay Unisex Platform Metallic Analog Stainless Watch   Gold Leather Strap   Gold Dial   T135M GD It's a little to much, isn't it? Quote on default ecard: Boyfriends are temporary!

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    Pegged May 13, 2013

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