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    Quote on drunk ecard: 
I can't take this long
distance relationship

Fridge, you are
coming to my room Quote on drunk ecard: You know nothing about
a woman until she is
drunk or mad at you. Quote on drunk ecard: Where shall we drink lunch today? Quote on drunk ecard: This beer tastes like I'm not going to
work tomorrow Quote on drunk ecard: Let's face it.  This bottle of wine is the
closest I will ever get
to going on
vacation Quote on drunk ecard: Looks like I'm going to
have to be ashamed over
what I did this weekend Quote on drunk ecard: Of course size matters.

No one wants a small
glass of wine Quote on drunk ecard: 
There's a reason why
'sober' and 'so bored'
sound almost
exactly the same. Quote on drunk ecard: Today is going to be lousy.

Let's skip the morning coffee and go
straight for the bottle Quote on drunk ecard: You make me want to be a
better alcoholic Quote on drunk ecard: What doesn't kill us makes our drinks
stronger. Quote on drunk ecard: 
If you think I'm an
alcoholic, you
should see my

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    Swan SWSSK80 8W UV Insect Killer Over the Sink Organizer Shelf customer reviews Quote on humor ecard: 
I could never cheat on
you.  That would
require two people to
find me attractive NORDIC POWER-Wet weather forecast weighs on forward prices <br> Nordic front power prices fell on Monday as the latest weather forecast showed more rain in the hydro-dependent region, and after coal prices eased last week, traders said. The forth-quarter contract for baseload (24 hours) delivery fell by 65 Clint Eastwood Chair Stunt Upstages Mitt Romney <br> Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio spoke to the nation last night. Clint Eastwood given such free reign in what is usually a presidential campaign's literal defining hour. When asked if the campaign was eyeing the clock as Eastwood's bit dragged on, Stevens Quote on default ecard: I found your nose in my
business again. When did
you want to come pick
that up? Steel Starter Kit - Xtra (Auto) DSE901-T Maxi Dresses, Long Dresses for Juniors at Friends Are Like Stars Plaque Sector 9 Sprocket 38.5 Astor High Cocoa Content Deluxe Chocolate Squares - 1.75 Ash | Ash Bowie Leather Wedge Sneakers


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