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Quote on drunk ecard: Some say the glass is a half full.

Some say the glass is half empty.

We say: Quote on drunk ecard: 
For the last time, I
didn't text you. 
Alcohol did... Quote on drunk ecard: Works sucks.

I want wine... Quote on drunk ecard: Gone are the days girls
cooked like their mothers.

Now they drink like
their fathers. Quote on drunk ecard: Do people who swirl and sniff their
wine in the glass
know that it tastes
just the same
straight from the
bottle? Amateurs. 

@envydatropic Quote on drunk ecard: What do you mean I
should be more
productive?  Do you
think this cocktail made
itself? Quote on drunk ecard: I don't usually drink
alcohol from a
Starbucks cup.  But
when I do, I'm
always at work Quote on drunk ecard: Every time I hear that
dirty word 'exercise', I
wash out my mouth
with wine Quote on drunk ecard: I'm well aware that I'm not everyone's
cup of tea.

I'd rather be someone's
shot of tequila

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best friends act like
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Uploaded May 13, 2013

Quote on drunk ecard: I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.
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