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Quote on drunk ecard: My raise this year will go to paying
for the alcohol that
helps me endure being
underpaid. Quote on drunk ecard: Beer makes you feel the way you
should feel without drinking beer Quote on drunk ecard: Happy Birthday Ee lin!

Quote on drunk ecard: Bravo
Romeo Quote on drunk ecard: I wish I had 'friends with benefits.'  But
the friend would own
a liquor store and the
benefit would be
free  wine. Quote on drunk ecard: Let's try to alternate our blackout
times so we can piece together our
nights Quote on drunk ecard: I almost had an 'I need a
guy moment', but then I
was able to get the
vodka bottle open Quote on drunk ecard: Seen it all, done it all.

But, can't remember any
of it. Quote on drunk ecard: I'm not saying you're ugly at all.
But, you're about 15 shots of tequila
away from being
my type.

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Uploaded May 13, 2013

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Quote on drunk ecard: I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.
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