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    Quote on drunk ecard: i'm hammered Quote on drunk ecard: I'm not an alcoholic,
alcoholics go to

I'm a drunk, we go
to parties Quote on drunk ecard: Today is going to be lousy.

Let's skip the morning coffee and go
straight for the bottle Quote on drunk ecard: A 18-a csütörtök egy remek nap az
ivásra, ha eleget iszunk, legalább nem
kell hazudnunk másnap,
ha betelefonálunk, hogy
nem tudunk dolgozni
menni, mert rosszul
vagyunk... Quote on drunk ecard: If it's not a beer, don't park
it here Quote on drunk ecard: ALCOHOL:

I only drink to make
YOU more
interesting Quote on drunk ecard: Sometimes I drink water
just to wake up my liver Quote on drunk ecard: Let's face it.  This bottle of wine is the
closest I will ever get
to going on
vacation Quote on drunk ecard: Seen it all, done it all.

But, can't remember any
of it. Quote on drunk ecard: Happy Birthday Ee lin!

Quote on drunk ecard: I don't have a drinking problem.  I just
get really thirsty.. Quote on drunk ecard: Weekend forecast:
Mild alcoholism with a
70% chance of poor
decisions and poor
judgement.  An
increasing chance of
regret and a
hangover for Sunday.

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    Pro-Ject Pre Amplifier Box Quote on default ecard: I slept too late on my day off and now
I have no time to do
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    Uploaded May 13, 2013

    Quote on drunk ecard: I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.

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