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    Quote on drunk ecard: The answer may not lie at the bottom
of the bottlebut it
can't hurt to check! Quote on drunk ecard: Trust me, you can dance!


Vodka Quote on drunk ecard: Seen it all, done it all.

But, can't remember any
of it. Quote on drunk ecard: ALCOHOL:

I only drink to make
YOU more
interesting Quote on drunk ecard: Roses are red, violets are
fine, this day sucks balls, I
really love wine Quote on drunk ecard: Coffee keeps me busy until
it's acceptable to drink
wine Quote on drunk ecard: 
I do not get drunk.

I get awesome Quote on drunk ecard: Since kids get an ice
cream truck, can adults
have a liquor truck? Quote on drunk ecard: 
I only drink to make YOU
more interesting Quote on drunk ecard: Do people who swirl and sniff their
wine in the glass
know that it tastes
just the same
straight from the
bottle? Amateurs. 

@envydatropic Quote on drunk ecard: It doesn't matter whether the glass is
half-full or half empty.  Clearly, the
glass has room for more wine Quote on drunk ecard: Works sucks.

I want wine

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Chillin like a villain.
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who like skateboarding but
wish it had more sharks. straight


    Uploaded May 13, 2013

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