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Quote on drunk ecard: Honey, pull the wine bag
out of the box and stick a
straw in it.  I will call it an
adult capri-sun Quote on drunk ecard: Trust me you can dance!


Vodka Quote on drunk ecard: In defense of alcohol, I've
done some pretty stupid
stuff completely sober
also. Quote on drunk ecard: You're not drunk if you
can lie on the floor
without holding on Quote on drunk ecard: It doesn't matter whether the glass is
half-full or half empty.  Clearly, the
glass has room for more wine Quote on drunk ecard: My 12 step program is parking closer
to the liquor store. Quote on drunk ecard: You're not drunk until you have to
hold on to the grass keep
from falling of the Earth. Quote on drunk ecard: I'm not an alcoholic,
alcoholics go to

I'm a drunk, we go
to parties. Quote on drunk ecard: If you're happy and you know it, what
cocktail of prescription meds are you

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I have to post a picture
of my alcoholic
beverage on
Facebook so all of
my friends can see
how cool I am Happy First Anniversary to  HFAC You might not know this but you are kind of a big deal meme Riley Plus Size Dress

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Uploaded May 13, 2013

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Quote on drunk ecard: I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.
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