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    Pegged June 25, 2012

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    kindle June 29, 2012
    Some of the things that they trade on this show would take many weeks to find so this show has to be fake.


    sara June 29, 2012
    Barter Kings is not real and it would be ridiculous to think anyone could trade up a laptop to a muscle car. It is impossible in real life. Half the stuff they find on Craigslist no one could ever find. And why do people they barter with always accept their offers? Because it's fake!


    Jenna July 2, 2012
    Like other reality TV shows, I bet many of the deals are planned in advance and, as such, fake. It wouldn't even be surprising if the A&E producers find the merchandise that is to be bartered on the show and contact the owners to see if they want to be on TV. It's all fake, not real...


    louis July 16, 2012
    I don't know if it's scripted. I actually watched an episode the other day where the gun they bartered for was worth 1/3 of what they thought. If it was fake, they would have known this in advance.


    humorgalore July 25, 2012
    All reality tv is scripted and Barter Kings is no exception

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