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    Quote on default ecard: You shouldn't take it personally
if your ASD child can't
reciprocate your
affection. Stop being a
needy diva.

alloverthespectrum Quote on default ecard: My husband said he will
leave me if I don't stop

God I am going to miss
him. Quote on default ecard: It's not like I make
money off my graphics,
but yes, recognition is
nice. Try using the
share button
would ya? It's called
common courtesy.
Try using it! Quote on default ecard: I am incredibly thankful for the
creation of earplugs.
But, if I can't find 
the fucking things,
what good are

All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: When hipsters 
replaced hippies, we lost 
free love and drugs

.and got skinny jeans.

Worst. Trade. Ever. Quote on default ecard: Matko Matko
napravim ti djete slatko

:-) Quote on default ecard: Syed Adnan Quote on default ecard: Wicked chickens lay deviled eggs. Quote on default ecard: Water is the most essential element in
life. Because, without water,
you can't make coffee. Quote on default ecard: In wine, there is wisdom.

In beer, there is freedom.

In water, there is only
bacteria. Quote on default ecard: We Are One, you and I, we are like
the earth and

You've been
Simba's Pride
again. Quote on default ecard: I bust mine so I can kick

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    Pegged March 13, 2015

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