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    workouts that dont suck

    Infographic includes directions for ab exercises such as knees up crunch, crisscross, crunch, legs lower, heel touch, flutter kicks

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    Holly-Holm-Feet-1078466 Golden Pyrenees puppy! SunFlower Theme Garden Funny Motocross Sayings Amazing Nature 1400x1050 Wallpaper. Futaba Classroom Games for Kids Fast catching up: there's no fool like an old fool.  But some of you young people are showing real promise Sunflower Bridal Bouquet Made in Fast Forward Create a Silk Sunflower Bouquet Sunflower Wedding Ideas always give 100% unless you are giving blood  Kolmanskop, Namibia

Kolmanskop was a small settlement in Namibia that saw a boom in the early 1900s when German settlers realized that the area was rich in diamonds. The surge of wealth gave out after WWI, however, when the diamond field began to deplete. By the 1950s, the town was completely deserted, and is now visited by photographers and tourists.


    Pegged July 24, 2014

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