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    Confession ecard: A meal without wine is like a day
without sunshine, except that
on a day without
sunshine you can still
get drunk. Quote on confession ecard: I just love how doctors 
always ask if I'm a smoker.

When I say yes, they 
tell me I should quit.

No shit? Thanks. 
Here's all my money. Confession ecard: I'm not an alcoholic!

I'm a soperphobic Confession ecard: Fact:
Mexico does not participate in the
Olympics because all the best
Mexican swimmers, runners and
jumpers live in
Quote on confession ecard: I love waking up by your side.  You
turn dull moments into exciting ones. 
You've always been there
for me, iPhone. Quote on confession ecard: I want to be the reason
you look down at your
phone and then walk
into a pole. Quote on confession ecard: I'm feeling a little shaky
ever since I was
shamed at the grocery
store for forgetting
my reusable bags. Quote on confession ecard: I speak my mind because it hurts to
bite my tongue. Quote on confession ecard: I'm not saying she's a
slut, I'm just saying
she's had more nuts in
her mouth than a

Quote on confession ecard: Just so you know, I have a
black belt in special needs
parenting. You should quit
staring at my kid, before you
have my foot in your mouth, &
my fingers in your eyes.

Real Housewives of Autism

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