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    Confession ecard: I asked God for a bike,
but I know God doesn’t
work that way. So I
stole a bike and asked
for forgiveness.

Quote on confession ecard: Chance are that if you
think I'm awkward, I
think you're hot Quote on confession ecard: I'm not lazy.  

I'm just in energy saving
mode Quote on confession ecard: It's better to shut up and
give the impression that
you're stupid than to
say something and
erase all doubt. Quote on confession ecard: IGNORANCE: Pissing
good people off daily!
ALegionForiamLiam Your name still comes up at work
when something goes horribly wrong
and we need someone
to blame. Quote on confession ecard: The only reason I have a
kitchen is because it came
with the house Quote on confession ecard: I feel an immediate bond with all
women who
cuss as much
as me. Confession ecard: Don't disturb me, I am
disturbed enough
already. Confession ecard: A Mistake increases your experience
& experience decreases your mistakes.
You learn from your mistakes then
others learn from your success. Quote on confession ecard: During my prostate exam I asked 
the doctor, Confession ecard: If there was a way to read a
woman’s mind, I am not sure
I would want to. I hate shoes,
shopping, gossip, and I
already know I am

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    Reminders ecard: You may be prettier,
skinnier and tanner than
I am but I out boob you
every level. Fossil Womens Tailor Multifunction Dark Brown Leather Strap White Dial Watch   ES3950 MTM Special Ops Mens Warrior Stainless Watch   Black Bracelet   Carbon Fiber Dial   MTM WBSB Ted Baker Wowman Knit Cardigan Quote on sarcasm ecard: Being able to respond with sarcasm
within a few seconds of a stupid
question is a sign of a
healthy brain Encouragement ecard: Never let the fear of
striking out get in your
way. Quote on reminders ecard: 
Life would be amazing if
people would just shut
up, stop telling me how to
live my life and just live
theirs. Watches   Chain watches, leather wrap, rhinestone I CAUGHT A TERRORIST HAS NO TSA EVER SAID meme Iran, North Korea sign technology agreement <br> Last and technology in violation of U.N. sanctions. Iran's state TV said the agreement was signed in Tehran in the presence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korea's nominal head of state, Kim Yong Nam, by Iran's Minister of Science Essential Politics: Maximum leverage on California's minimum wage <br> has introduced a legislative exception in last year's law that banned weapons on campus. The measure will get its first hearing in the Assembly Public Safety meeting this morning. Follow @johnmyers on Twitter and listen to the weekly California Politics Police: Saltsburg child suffered during last hours of life <br> had taken them to their mothers apartment for a visit for a few hours on March 3 but allowed them to remain for the weekend when he saw the children appeared in good health, police said. Lyons was not married to her childrens father


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