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    Quote on rude ecard: I hope no one is secretly
criticizing my appearance
as harshly as I'm
criticizing theirs. Quote on rude ecard: 
I've learned that pleasing
everyone is impossible.,
but pissing everyone
off is way easier and
so much fun! Quote on rude ecard: Get off the internet so I
can use the house phone.

Those were the days Quote on rude ecard: I hate when people say Quote on rude ecard: 
Sometimes I wish I was a
bird so I could fly over
people and shit on
their heads Quote on rude ecard: All women are bitchesexcept us! 
We are sexy, amazing, awesome,
intelligent and stunning.  But, all the
others are
bitches. Quote on rude ecard: Congratulations,

You've been in the room
with me for only 
10 seconds and
annoyed me 3
times. Quote on rude ecard: I think today will be one of those days
where my middle
finger should do all
the talking Quote on rude ecard: 
You can call the police
but I'm still kicking your
ass until they get here Quote on rude ecard: Askhole:

- A person who
constantly asks you
for advice , yet always 
does the opposite of
what you told them. Quote on rude ecard: How do I feel, you ask?

fuckyourself! Quote on rude ecard: You're the jelly to my burger, the knife
to my soup, the glitter
to my sushi and the ketchup
to my ice cream.  In
other words, you're  
completely useless

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    Quote on boyfriend ecard: 
I'm single because I have
not found a
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    Uploaded February 24, 2014

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