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    Quote on rude ecard: 
Home is wear the pants
aren't Quote on rude ecard: You're the jelly to my burger, the knife
to my soup, the glitter
to my sushi and the ketchup
to my ice cream.  In
other words, you're  
completely useless Quote on rude ecard: If at first you don't succeed, then
maybe you don't know what you're
dpomg Quote on rude ecard: 
I'd have better people skills if
there were better people
around here Quote on rude ecard: I'm not Adele.  I don't wish Quote on rude ecard: 
You can call the police
but I'm still kicking your
ass until they get here Quote on rude ecard: I'm a hopeless romantic

who's seeking a filthy whore Quote on rude ecard: Keep talking, I'm diagnosing
you Quote on rude ecard: I hope no one is secretly
criticizing my appearance
as harshly as I'm
criticizing theirs. Quote on rude ecard: That awkward moment
when you send someone a
sexy pic and the response
is Quote on rude ecard: I hate it when I'm singing
and others join in.

Bitch, this ain't Glee Quote on rude ecard: I really do think that the
universe would be a much
more better place without
a stupid, irritating, childish,
incompetent, mentally
thief mother
FUCKER,like yourself

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    CAO Gold Honey Cigarillos Drinking ecard: 
Friday is the beginning of
my liver's work week. Workplace ecard: Every morning is a
constant battle
between deciding to
spend time on my
appearance or sleep
for just 15 more
Sleep usually wins Quote on humor ecard: Pollen is essentially
'plant sperm' 
Therefore, hay fever
is an STD.  Since no
one voluntarily takes in
pollen, I have
concluded we are all
being raped by trees Portrait of businesswoman, smiling Little Sail Boat - Follow Your Heart Grosvenor Watch Emergency Survival Juice Drink Samples | Prepper Storage Quote on default ecard: Immature: a word boring people
invented to describe people
who are fun. Midsummer The Sopranos - Silvio Criticizes Tony's Ego Duck Commander High Tech World T-Shirt


    Uploaded July 31, 2013

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