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    Quote on confession ecard: I've been single for a while
and I must confess it's going
very well.  I mean I'm thinking
I'm the one. Confession ecard: A computer once beat me at chess,
but it was no match for
me at kick boxing. Confession ecard: Myspace is my ex husband, Facebook
is my baby daddy,
Twitter is my ho and
I'm in a serious
relationship with
imgfave. Confession ecard: I work so I can afford
the amount of alcohol
required to continue
going to work. Quote on confession ecard: I hope we are friends till we

And then I hope we can still
be ghost friends so we can
scare the hell out of
people Confession ecard: Alcohol!

I only drink to make
YOU more interesting. Quote on confession ecard: To us, drink responsibly means don't
spill it. Quote on confession ecard: Dear life,

I've had enough bullshit
for a while.  Can we take
a little break please? Your name still comes up at work
when something goes horribly wrong
and we need someone
to blame. Quote on confession ecard: Trying to teach your
parents how to operate
electronics is like nailing a
turd to a tree.

The Real Housewives of
Autism (c)

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    Quote on drunk ecard: 

a balanced diet is a
beer in each hand  Coupon police is here!!     meme Quote on humor ecard: I'll register my guns when illegals
register to pay taxes. Ingersoll Mens Stainless steel case and leather strap Rose Gold Dial Brown Watch   IN1918RSL Fake teacher found at Ohio Web school <br> The Ohio State Board of Education said it will revoke Hiestand's license and the school fired her last week, the Web site State Impact former student as an assistant at a rate of $10 an hour and was unaware it violated school or state Khlo Kardashian Feels 'Helpless' Mere Hours After News Of Lamar Odom's Night Out Drinking Breaks  So Sad! <br> We can't say we're entirely surprised at how hurt KoKo is by this recent behavior on the former NBA star's part  mainly because the A lister has done everything to be by the troubled celeb's side following his overdose in Las Vegas last fall. The Sopranos   Tony Soprano Tribute Tony Perotti   Palmero 17 Sunbeam Doll Collar High Waist Dress Las Vegas Strip   Nevada, USA Romney, Obama aim at swing voters on health care <br> the last partisan event of the campaign, has passed, even as Romney was visiting the most competitive states on the election map.


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    Quote on confession ecard: I'm a classy mom
until you mess with my
kids. Then I turn into
the biggest
ass whooping bitch
from hell you will 
ever meet.

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