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    Quote on confession ecard: I'm not clumsy.  It's just that the floor
hates me, the tables and chairs are
bullies and the wall always tries to get
in my way Quote on confession ecard: 
Silence is the best tool against
a fool Quote on confession ecard: Always and never are two words you
should always and never use. Quote on confession ecard: Being a person is getting too

Time to become a
unicorn. Who says nothing is
impossible. I’ve
been doing nothing
for years. Quote on confession ecard: 

NI EXCLUYENTE Quote on confession ecard: It may look like I'm doing 
nothing, but I'm
actively waiting for 
my problems to 
go away. Quote on confession ecard: Nothing is better than a glass of wine

Except a whole

The Real
Housewives of
Autism Quote on confession ecard: It's a good thing I'm going
on vacation soon.
It took me 15 minutes 
of her talking about
about her Volvo
before I realized 
she meant her car. Quote on confession ecard: IGNORANCE: Pissing
people off daily!

A Legion For Liam Quote on confession ecard: Trying to teach your
parents how to operate
electronics is like nailing a
turd to a tree.

The Real Housewives of
Autism (c) Quote on confession ecard: If only mosquitoes
sucked fat instead of

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    Would you pay $8,000 for these brows? <br> Over the last two years, its got really big, adds Epstein, who performs between 12 and 15 eyebrow surgeries in New York and Miami every month. A lot of women want [to copy] the Kardashians, but Megan hours. Epstein can see why people flock Quote on relationships ecard: Best friends see the pain behind your
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