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    Quote on eating ecard: Dear stomach,

You're bored, not hungry
so shut up! Quote on eating ecard: I can't go on a new diet
because I've been
forced to go on a diet
plan called Quote on eating ecard: I love spending the day with my
daughter at Disneyland. Especially
when I'm shit faced drunk!
Cuca's gonna kill
me! Quote on eating ecard: Chili tastes better
when you microwave it
at work without a lid
for an extra 15
minutes Quote on eating ecard: Juicing has 
changed my life. 

I went from being

to being overweight 
and owning a juicer. Quote on eating ecard: Spanking is a one-handed
round of applause in appreciation of a
magnificent ass Quote on eating ecard: It's not procrastinating if you drink

It's Quote on eating ecard: We should reconnect so
you can see for yourself
how much weight I've
lost Quote on eating ecard: I wish I were as thin a my
patience. Quote on eating ecard: Dear stomach,

You're bored, not
hungry so leave me
alone. Quote on eating ecard: I try to avoid things that
make me fat.

For example: scales
mirrors Quote on eating ecard: I hate it when I've eaten
the last bite and I
forgot to remind myself
it was the last bite
because I wasn't able
to get closure

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the same people Women Warm Winter Slim Leggings Stretch Pants Thick Footless Tight NBC's Brokaw leaves hospital, in 'great health' <br> Tom was pronounced in great health and has been discharged, Rocky Patel Man Cave Edition 4 Cigar Sampler Facebook ecard: My intense desire to unfriend
you is outweighed by the 
enjoyment I feel
gawking at the huge
trainwreck that is your
life Quote on default ecard: I wish weight were like virginity! Once
you lost it, you could never
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