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    Quote on confession ecard: I'm not totally useless.  I can be used
as a bad example. Quote on confession ecard: I'm tough,
I'm ambitious,
and I know what I

If that makes me a
bitchI'm okay with
that. Quote on confession ecard: The less you give a
damn, the happier you
will be Quote on confession ecard: The only thing we have to fear is fear

and spiders! Quote on confession ecard: I'm a leader, not a follower.

Unless it's dark place,
then screw that, you're
going first Confession ecard: A good man can make you feel sexy,
strong and able to
take on the
winewine does
that Quote on confession ecard: 
Once upon a time, I
had a life.  Then
some idiot came and
suggested I make a
Pinterest account. Quote on confession ecard: You have 2 choices in life:

You can stay single and
be miserable or get
married and wish
you were dead Quote on confession ecard: Being a person is getting too

Time to become a
unicorn. Quote on confession ecard: I had a blind date once. It didn't 
start out that way,
but she brought
pepper spray. Confession ecard: I live in fear of hearing a
Justin Bieber song and
actually liking it. Confession ecard: I would slap you, but I don't
want to get slut on my

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    Tony Perotti - Tuscano Partners Leather Briefcase MDF Instruments MD One stainless steel stethoscope. Ask Me About My T-Rex t shirt Retro Denim Bandeau Dress with Lace Up Back Freedom Flag CELEBRITIES  Vibe  Black Halo Official Blog Playful patterns are intermixed to create our bright, oversized three-wick tins. - a fresh and tangy blend of orange blossom, Mardarin and bergamot Zinnias 8 1/2 Inch Plate Diamond Icon Watch (White dial) pellet-pen-22-caliber-holds-15-pellets-24.gif The Best Headphones for iPods and full size stereos Quote on inspirational ecard: 
Fuck you, I'm Awesome


    Uploaded June 29, 2014

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