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    Quote on confession ecard: You have 2 choices in life:

You can stay single and
be miserable or get
married and wish
you were dead Quote on confession ecard: 
Silence is the best tool against
a fool Confession ecard: Why did I unfriend you
on Facebook?

Because your statuses
are annoying and I
fucking hate your
face. Confession ecard: 
Well, I would love to stay and chat,
but I fucking hate you. Quote on confession ecard: Ohh cuanta crítica
negativa, lo tomaré
con orgullo solo a los
árboles cargados de
frutos se les tira
tanta piedra Quote on confession ecard: I wish my bank account
would fill as fast as my
laundry basket Confession ecard: The reason I swear so
much is because fuck
you. Confession ecard: You might be a redneck ifyou think
that Dom
Perignon is a mafia
leader. Quote on confession ecard: People who say Confession ecard: When I die, I want to die
like my grandfather who
died peacefully in his
sleep. Not screaming like
all the passengers in his
Quote on confession ecard: 
I'm not a nerd.  I'm just smarter than
you Quote on confession ecard: I love waking up by your side.  You
turn dull moments into exciting ones. 
You've always been there
for me, iPhone.

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    01t shiny black aviator sunglasses grey gradient lens $ 249 99 tf 206 Quote on sympathy ecard: They laugh at me because I'm

I laugh at them because they
are all the same Peach Dresses | Lace, Maxi, Prom, and Peach Bridesmaid Dresses | eGo-C Twist Battery iFIT Solutions Pilates BOSCH GSB19-2RE 13mm PERCUSSION HAMMER DRILL 240V Ruby Small Framed Art Quote on eating ecard: I try to avoid things that
make me fat.

For example: scales
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    Uploaded April 12, 2014

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