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    Quote on default ecard: Sexy.not everything
people say is
TRUEYour. a great person.olveing
There were more like
you this world would be
Perfict. Quote on default ecard: People ask me if I am always sarcastic.

Of course I'm not,
I am asleep.

fb/Autism and
Other Ramblings Quote on default ecard: One Can Never Have too Many
Little Furballs
Full of Love! Quote on default ecard: I'm sure junior will stop
trying to pick everyone's
nose if I just tell him it's
not appropriate. 

fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: You are so open minded,
your brain may fall out! Quote on default ecard: Today we spread
autism awareness at
a birthday party.
Sorry but there
wasn't enough
entertainment. And
by sorry I mean.
you're welcome. Quote on default ecard: We live in a world of people
pretending to be something
they're not Quote on default ecard:  Life is too short to deal with
your issues.
But I'm gonna waste my 
time stalking your page
and commenting on 
The Real Housewives
of Autism Quote on default ecard: Stop the Earth from

I want to get off Quote on default ecard: Frozen chicken nuggets for
breakfast.don't mind if I do.

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    Femmecup Menstrual Cup Quote on confession ecard: Sweet face,

Tender heart,

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protect it with a 6 inch layer
of fat Quote on confession ecard: I know I wouldn't kill
so many houseplants if
they screamed for food
like my kids always
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    Pegged March 25, 2015

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