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    Quote on default ecard: Thanks for being a great mom through
my thirty year
phase. Quote on default ecard: Well, I'll be damned. Quote on default ecard: Research will eventually prove that
autism is a result of
having too much 
awesomeness in
DNA. Everyone is 
going to blame me. 

AllOverTheSpectrum Quote on default ecard: My internet went out so I went
downstairs to say hello to
my family.

They seem like nice
people Quote on default ecard: I think I can learn a lot from you,
Sir. I don't want to grow up so
big that whatever supports
me disappears. Quote on default ecard: Thanks to those people who bring us
joy with their laughable life choices. 

Dumbasses, we thank
you Quote on default ecard: IF U THINK WE CAN
Quote on default ecard: 
Aucun appel ? Je
comprends. Aucun
message ? Je comprends.
Alors quand tu me vois
avec quelqu'un d'autre,
tu peux comprendre. Quote on default ecard: Feliz aniversário, 
Telmita! Quote on default ecard: My goal is to become the
person my dog already
thinks I am.

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Always on your ass and usually full of
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    Pegged March 6, 2016

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