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    Quote on default ecard: HEY GUYS GUESS
FRANKING AGAIN! Quote on default ecard: All of this autism facebook
drama indicates that I am
not the center of your
attention. Quite frankly it
is kind of pissing me

alloverthespectrum Quote on default ecard: I cursed in the SPED room today.
They told me to use
the word Quote on default ecard: When you see you
mans ex

Quote on default ecard: 

You see, Dornish
wine makes me
slutty. Quote on default ecard: I'm calling on your Cobalt
for $4,995 and was
wondering if you would
make it a brand new car,
fill the tank and sell it
to me for $3,000 out
the door???
Quote on default ecard: Cheers MO FO

Its Friday Bitch! Quote on default ecard: I thought you knew this is
Buckjammer's world Quote on default ecard: People need to quit 
hating on women who
breastfeed in public. 

I should be allowed 
to raise my cat 
however I want. Quote on default ecard: You're not truly a parent until you've
blindly swatted into the backseat
of your car, hoping to
connect with a kid.

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    Pegged January 3, 2017

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