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    Quote on default ecard: My daughter isn't just a piece
of a puzzle. She is a
masterpiece all on her

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Have you ever stepped on
the scale and wondered

'how the *#c% did that
happen?' Quote on default ecard: After Tuesday, even the calendar goes
W T F! Quote on default ecard: Today we spread
autism awareness at
a birthday party.
Sorry but there
wasn't enough
entertainment. And
by sorry I mean.
you're welcome. Quote on default ecard: In wine, there is wisdom.

In beer, there is freedom.

In water, there is only
bacteria. Quote on default ecard: People need to quit 
hating on women who
breastfeed in public. 

I should be allowed 
to raise my cat 
however I want. Quote on default ecard: if only i could eat a watermelon and a
hot dog
Quote on default ecard: Don't Tell Anyone But Sharon's Taking
A Nap ! Quote on default ecard: In California, there's just
Quote on default ecard: I'm not getting old. 

I'm getting better! Quote on default ecard: 
The answer may not be
at the bottom of the
bottle, but it doesn't
hurt to look there Quote on default ecard: I'm super busy taking care of my own
kids. But, sure I'll watch
your kids for you. Why
not? Someone should.

fb/All Over The

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    Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock LET ME IN, PLEASE! IT'S ME, MITTENS meme Quote on facebook ecard: If you friend request me
on Facebook and your
picture is a car, I will
assume you're a
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