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    Quote on confession ecard: Insomnia is nature's way of saying that
you are not done bugging
people for the day Confession ecard: You might be a redneck ifyou think
that Dom
Perignon is a mafia
leader. To alcohol!

The cause of, and 
solution, to all of
problems Confession ecard: Myspace is my ex husband, Facebook
is my baby daddy,
Twitter is my ho and
I'm in a serious
relationship with
imgfave. Quote on confession ecard: The only reason I have a
kitchen is because it came
with the house Confession ecard: I don't smoke, don't drink, don't do
drugs, I only have one
small problem, I lie. Quote on confession ecard: IGNORANCE: Pissing
good people off daily!
ALegionForiamLiam Quote on confession ecard: I just love how doctors 
always ask if I'm a smoker.

When I say yes, they 
tell me I should quit.

No shit? Thanks. 
Here's all my money. Quote on confession ecard: No amount of sleep in the world
could cure the tiredness I feel Quote on confession ecard: Sweet face,

Tender heart,

Twisted sense of humor Quote on confession ecard: The greatest weapon  against stress is
to be able to choose
one thought over
another Quote on confession ecard: I wish an hour with you lasted as long
as an hour at my job.

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coffee drinks us!


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