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    Quote on confession ecard: During my prostate exam I asked 
the doctor, My psychiatrist told
me I was crazy and I
said I want a second
opinion. He said
okay, you’re ugly
too. Quote on confession ecard: I love sleeping because dreams are
much better than reality Quote on confession ecard: Every woman on Earth
gave birth to a child. 
Except my mother, she
gave birth to a legend. Quote on confession ecard: To us, drink responsibly means don't
spill it. Confession ecard: Why did I unfriend you
on Facebook?

Because your statuses
are annoying and I
fucking hate your
face. Confession ecard: I wonder what the blood
alcohol level is of all these
mosquitoes that keep
biting me? Quote on confession ecard: I've been single for a while
and I must confess it's going
very well.  I mean I'm thinking
I'm the one. Quote on confession ecard: Ohh cuanta crítica
negativa, lo tomaré
con orgullo solo a los
árboles cargados de
frutos se les tira
tanta piedra Quote on confession ecard: I'm not totally useless.  I can be used
as a bad example. Quote on confession ecard: Hell yea, I'm short.

God only let's things
grow until they are
perfect.  Some of us
don't take as long as
others Quote on confession ecard: Always and never are two words you
should always and never use.

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    Experts say Vermont facing mental health crisis <br> news plattsburgh ny/t/experts say vermont facing mental health crisis/ Quote on default ecard: Wicked chickens lay deviled eggs. Quote on love ecard: Girls don't dress for
boys.  Girls dress for
girls!  If girls dressed
for boys, they would
walk around naked all
the time Quote on encouragement ecard: Sorry honey,

Not tonight!

I'm pinning Serial Killer Rodney James Alcala on the Dating Game Just another NT parent who couldn't make it a day in our shoes. fb/All Over The Spectrum meme NALGENE Tritan 32 Ounce Wide Mouth Water Bottle (1 Austrian hash recipe   Recipes   BBC Good Food The art of the hand pour. Our pillar candles are handmade to ensure vibrant colors and extraordinary fragrance quality.   dark brown sugar and cinnamon spice are deliciously blended with creamy pumpkin puree and gilded with notes of cassia root and warm vanilla sugar Bell Child Racer Bike Helmet   Free Shipping 18ct White Gold 0.25ct Claw Set Diamond Stud Earrings Quote on default ecard: Autism Speaks often speaks before it


    Pegged April 14, 2014

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