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    Quote on confession ecard: Ohh cuanta crítica
negativa, lo tomaré
con orgullo solo a los
árboles cargados de
frutos se les tira
tanta piedra Quote on confession ecard: Dear life,

I've had enough bullshit
for a while.  Can we take
a little break please? Quote on confession ecard: It's better to shut up and
give the impression that
you're stupid than to
say something and
erase all doubt. Quote on confession ecard: I dressed myself today so please
don't judge my mama
for my outfit.she encourages
my free spirit!

fb/A Legion for Liam Quote on confession ecard: I feel an immediate bond with all
women who
cuss as much
as me. Confession ecard: Bacon.
I put that shit on
Quote on confession ecard: I wish my bank account
would fill as fast as my
laundry basket Quote on confession ecard: Wi-fi went down for 5
minutes so I actually had
to talk to my family.  They
seem like nice people Quote on confession ecard: We'd rather take coffee than
compliments right now! Confession ecard: A Mistake increases your experience
& experience decreases your mistakes.
You learn from your mistakes then
others learn from your success. Confession ecard: Some people live upside
down. They like to talk
out their ass and the
only thing that
comes outta their
mouth is shit. Confession ecard: 
Real friends show me
their boobs.

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