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    Quote on confession ecard: I'm not afraid of death. 
I just don't want to be
there when it happens Quote on confession ecard: My Grandmother is
Satan and My brother
is her slave. Quote on confession ecard: Another selfie?  Oh you
have fake glasses now?  I
should probably give you
the Quote on confession ecard: I hate it when people
overeact on something
insignificant Quote on confession ecard: You're the only person I wouldn't
freak out sharing a water
bottle with Confession ecard: It's so cold that a nuclear missile from
North Korea doesn't sound so
bad. Confession ecard: I'd rather have you stare at
my boobs than at your
phone on our date. Quote on confession ecard: I always say what I mean.

I may not always mean to
say it out loud, but I
always mean it Confession ecard: 
Well, I would love to stay and chat,
but I fucking hate you. Confession ecard: My idea of a Happy Meal is a bottle of
wine, 3 Valium and a pudding cup. Quote on confession ecard: I think my soulmate might
be carbs Quote on confession ecard: If it requires pants or a bra, it ain't
happening today

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    Greencastle baseball shuts out Northeastern <br> Greencastle Antrim manager Eric Shaner couldn't remember the last time the Blue Devils had hit a home run a highly touted prospect and Penn State commit who has been scouted by Major League Baseball teams put on a show at Northeastern Friday night. I'm not arguing but explaining I'm right Quote on girlfriend ecard: Oh, you want to have sex?
Well I have to warn you: I haven't
shaved my bush in quite
some time, so you'll be George
of the Jungle
by the time I'm done with
you darling. Bertucci Mens A 2S Field Analog Stainless steel Watch   Black Nylon Strap   Black Dial   11050 Vitamin E cream and Vitamin E skincare products | The Body Shop Sesame Street: LL Cool J: Unanimous Quote on confession ecard: I'm not clumsy.  It's just that the floor
hates me, the tables and chairs are
bullies and the wall always tries to get
in my way Shuttle Endeavour to get one last piggyback ride across US <br> From there, Endeavour will depart in October on a two day road trip to the California Science Center. Before going on public Earth for its 25th and final time in the early morning hours of June 1, 2011. [How NASA Flies Shuttles on 747 TV ecard: 
Justice will be served if Lindsay Lohan
is forced to watch Liz &
Dick in prison. yellow black pattern rip mum tattoo SHORT HAIR CHIGNON


    Pegged May 9, 2014

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