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    Congratulations ecard: 
Congratulations on the anniversary of
your horrific alcoholic
bottom Congratulations ecard: 
Congratulations on
being the last person in
the galaxy without a cell
phone. Congratulations ecard: Congratulations on having job security
during tough economic times by
working in an industry
that exploits people
during tough
economic times. Quote on congratulations ecard: Shoutout to my parents for
not wearing a condom
and creating the most
awesome person alive. Congratulations ecard: 
Congratulations on
sleeping with the
same person for the
rest of eternity Congratulations ecard: 
Congratulations on losing,
gaining, losing and gaining
weight. Congratulations ecard: 
on avoiding jury
duty via shameless
faux bigotry or
insanity. Quote on congratulations ecard: Felicidades Señora!! usted
se acaba
de ganar comida para
un año puede pasar
a buscar su Purina
Dog Chow, perra. Quote on congratulations ecard: That's rightI've got 99 problems, all
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    Quote on sarcasm ecard: How come know-it-alls don't know
how annoying they really are. Glassons' Summer swimwear range! WHITE a GIRLS? I DON'T EVEN CARE ENYMORE meme Ryan says he misstated marathon claim <br> He released a statement correcting the record after Runner's World magazine found evidence he had completed one marathon and finished in just over four hours. Ryan told radio host Hugh Hewitt last month he had run a I DON'T ALWAYS GET ERECTIONS AT BURGER KING BUT WHEN I DO, IT'S A WHOPPER meme Limited Edition Mountable Protective iPhone 5 Case with Hands-Free Flowers  Plants  Gifts Green & White Polka Dot Apron Collection These are my favorite earphones. When I travel I always take my SE535 Fort & Stone English woven silk bow tie with remarkable colour and Classic Short Sienna Maternity Dress (Dark Truffle)


    Pegged June 2, 2013

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