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    Quote on default ecard: 

Life is too short buy the
shoes! Quote on default ecard: Don't forget to buy a
bottle of wine for your
mother for mother's day. 
After all, you're the reason
she drinks Quote on default ecard: The difference between
your opinion and vodka
is that I asked for vodka. Quote on default ecard: Trust me. No matter how
many times you ask. My
ASD child is not
going to look
directly at the
camera. Just take
the damn photo. Quote on default ecard: Oh look the sun came
out.  I will update my
Facebook status to help
my friends who don't
have windows at
their house. Quote on default ecard: You've got it all wrong, Biggie

MO' Money means
MO' spending at
Frends Beauty! 

Quote on default ecard: When people rob banks, they go to

When banks rob
people, they get a
bonus. Quote on default ecard: It's funny how
everyone considers
honesty a virtue, yet
no one wants to hear
the truth. Quote on default ecard: Oh Lord,
Give me Coffee to go
Wine to enjoy
afterwards. Quote on default ecard: Sometimes, you love
someone so much that even
the truth can't change
your mind. Quote on default ecard: As I get older, I realize
that the ultimate
luxury is time Quote on default ecard: Is it 5:00pm yet?

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    Pegged March 11, 2015

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