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    Quote on rude ecard: If at first you don't succeed, then
maybe you don't know what you're
dpomg Quote on rude ecard: I want to be the reason
you look down at your
phone and then walk
into a pole Quote on rude ecard: Oh, you don't like being
treated the way you treat

That must suck Quote on rude ecard: 
Just so you know, if you
make an ass out of 
yourself, there will always
be someone to ride you Quote on rude ecard: 
The kitchen is closed
due to illness.

I'm sick of cooking Quote on rude ecard: 
Sometimes I wish I was a
bird so I could fly over
people and shit on
their heads Quote on rude ecard: 
I've learned that pleasing
everyone is impossible.,
but pissing everyone
off is way easier and
so much fun! Quote on rude ecard: Keep talking, I'm diagnosing
you Quote on rude ecard: So a man walks into a bar
with a monkey.  I forgot
the rest of the joke but
your mom is a whore. Quote on rude ecard: Enter Your Text Here. Quote on rude ecard: 
I'd have better people skills if
there were better people
around here Quote on rude ecard: I hope no one is secretly
criticizing my appearance
as harshly as I'm
criticizing theirs.

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