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    College ecard: 
This spring break, let's get
our money's worth out
of the HPV vaccine. College ecard: 
Take a break from studying
for finals to go protest
your upcoming state of
unemployment. Quote on college ecard: I'm not a nerd, I'm just smarter than
you College ecard: I hope spring break
provides enough
time to recover from a
stressful semester of
binge drinking and
reckless sex with
total strangers. Quote on college ecard: Without school, it's
really hard to know
what day of the week it
is. College ecard: I want a throw a party with fake
alcohol just to see how
many people act wasted. College ecard: You see, the problem is I am too rich
for financial aid

but too poor to afford college College ecard: I can remember the all the
lyrics to any pop song and
many movie quotes.

But not the crap for my
exams.  Thanks brain College ecard: Finals next week.

Begins calculating minimum
scores needed to
pass College ecard: The word studying was made up of
two words orginially: 
College ecard: This can be a good thing as you they are becoming need for the people to meet their short term financial expenses. Will not lay concerning your revenue as a way paperwork and wait while its being proc Graduation Speech:
I’d like to thank
the internet,
Google, Wikipedia,
Microsoft Word, and
Copy & Paste.

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would brag about the size
of their tampons. As a child my
family's menu
consisted of two
choices: take it or
leave it.

Photo Gift Fossil Womens Stainless Steel Riley Multifunction Gold Tone Watch   ES3203 I DONT ALWAYS DRINK BUT WHEN I DO, THIS IS WHERE I WAKE UP meme Find the right care options for Alzheimer's Quote on default ecard: Happy Friday!

You're only two days
away from doing the
same work you're doing
right now hope you enjoyed what I had to share today!


    Pegged May 29, 2013

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