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    College ecard: I want a throw a party with fake
alcohol just to see how
many people act wasted. College ecard: The word studying was made up of
two words orginially: 
College ecard: 
Take a break from studying
for finals to go protest
your upcoming state of
unemployment. College ecard: I can remember the all the
lyrics to any pop song and
many movie quotes.

But not the crap for my
exams.  Thanks brain Quote on college ecard: I'm the type of girl who
wants to get good

without studying College ecard: You see, the problem is I am too rich
for financial aid

but too poor to afford college Quote on college ecard: Without school, it's
really hard to know
what day of the week it
is. Quote on college ecard: Did I just say that? Oh
well, she'll forgive me.
After, all I am her best
friendat least I think I
am. Quote on college ecard: I'm not a nerd, I'm just smarter than
you Quote on college ecard: Grammar:

The difference between knowing
your shit and knowing
you're shit.

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    Quote on college ecard: Don't tell me that teachers
don't work in the
summer.  They do
plenty pinning
classroom ideas on
Pinterest.  Sounds like
development to me!

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