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    Quote on cheating ecard: There's nothing more
disappointing than figuring out
that the cheating bastard
you gave a
chance is still a
bastard Quote on cheating ecard: Guys cheat because they're

I cheat because guys are
assholes Quote on cheating ecard: Today, I found a penny.

It reminded me of you:
worthless and found in
everyone's pants Quote on cheating ecard: Don't leave the girl of your dreams for
the whore of the night Quote on cheating ecard: Anyone can cheat.

It takes a person with
honor and dignity to leave
a relationship first. Quote on cheating ecard: Do not underestimate my
ability to find out! Quote on cheating ecard: Cheating is not an accident.  Falling of
a bike is an accident.
You don't just trip and
fall into a vagina Quote on cheating ecard: I only play him when he 
He plays me 
(I rlly dgaf)
Forget the cheaters
Cause they know 
What's up!!!!!$$ Quote on cheating ecard: My ex is just like a penny.  Practically
worthless but can be found
in everyone's pants. Quote on cheating ecard: Forget the cheaters
Let dem
Go with ppl
Like dem✌ Quote on cheating ecard: Cheating on a good person is like
throwing away a diamond to pick up a
rock. Quote on cheating ecard: 'I Love My Wife'
bumper stickers are
strictly for men who
were caught cheating.

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