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    Quote on love ecard: You are the most beautiful
combination of DNA. I crave
every part of you. From
the pinnacle of your
head to the underside
of your toes. Quote on love ecard: You never fail to amaze me.  It seems
like every day, you do
something new that
makes me love you
even more than the
day before. Quote on love ecard: They say love hides behind
every corner.

I must be walking in
circles Quote on love ecard: You have no idea how
many inconvenient
boners you have caused. Quote on love ecard: I love you with all my butt.

I would say heart but my
butt is bigger Quote on love ecard: Kiss me if I'm wrong but dinosaurs still
exist, right? Quote on love ecard: If it's not making you better, it's not

True love makes you
more of who you
are, not less. Quote on love ecard: Why was Cupid was
chosen for Valentine's
Day? When I think of
romance, the last thing
on my mind is a
half naked, chubby,
toddler coming at me
with a weapon Quote on love ecard: Girls don't dress for
boys.  Girls dress for
girls!  If girls dressed
for boys, they would
walk around naked all
the time Quote on love ecard: If you love someone,
set them free.

If they come back,
make sure to get
them tested for STDs.

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    Pegged April 25, 2014

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    Quote on love ecard: Roses are red,
The grass is green,
I want you in my bed,
If you know what I mean.

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