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    Quote on default ecard: You have not experienced
true fear until a poster
has fallen off the wall
in the middle of the
night Quote on default ecard: Every time I'm around 
my mother in law

I wonder who 
is running Hell 
in her absence. Quote on default ecard: Please don't interrupt
me while I'm ignoring
you Quote on default ecard: Government spying on
people they work for

People spying on
government that 
works for them
TERRORISTS.   Quote on default ecard: I wish losing weight was
like losing your virginity. 
Once you lose it, you
can never get it back! Quote on default ecard: Auriemma music will save the
universe. Quote on default ecard: Facebook is limiting the
number of my posts that
you can see. Consider
yourself lucky.

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Water is the most essential element of
life, because without
water, you can't make
coffee Quote on default ecard:        WHILE LEAVING BALLGAME
(Officer) have you 
been drinking?

(Me) Yes, but I
assure you officer,
I can't afford to
get drunk there. Quote on default ecard: I didn't think things could get any
worse when my wife
brought a strap on
dildo home as 
a surprise

until she asked 
me to put it on. Quote on default ecard: Some ASD children like
to keep their collection
of items in an isolated
area. I like to form
barricades with mine in
high traffic areas. 

AllOverTheSpectrum Quote on default ecard: Drink one for each friend stuck at
home because they
could not find a sitter,
than laugh at them
because they are
stuck at home
without a sitter.

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    my kid beat up your honor student Deals Fear of the Unknown for Business Analysts | Check out the new site here, where customers will receive free SHE 102   Culture Hot Rod Shirt EU, IMF demand lower wages, longer hours in Greece <br> Last weekend the president of on credit and doctors are cutting back on surgery hours. Both groups maintain that the government has reneged on its obligation to fund the countrys main state run health care insurer, which provides for 90 percent Urban Outfitters 12 Days of Dresses Holiday Collection Quote on reminders ecard: Don't cry over the past,
it's gone.  Don't stress about
the future, it hasn't
arrived.  Live in
the present and
make life beautiful Pacific Science Center Launches New Career Development Opportunity for High School Students in Bellevue <br> October 6th is the first of eight Saturday sessions for the Environmental Science & Technology Practicum In a typical session, students will spend the first two hours in the field and the laboratory, and the last hour in an informal discussion with bottled water labels From space to STEM: Former astronaut pays visit to ORNL <br> Harris Jr. said he looked down at Earth 250 miles below as the space shuttle Discovery whizzed along at 17,500 miles an hour. He said he thought as America's woeful lack of emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics Ryan faces lingering accuracy questions as he assails President Barack Obamas record <br> In interviews, Ryan disputed the notion that he misled voters in last weeks convention speech while criticizing President Barack Obamas handling of debt his time in a marathon race by an hour.


    Pegged April 15, 2016

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