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    Quote on default ecard: The best part of being over
40 is that we did most of
our stupid stuff before
the internet Quote on default ecard: Every autism parent has a super
power. It's called a dar.
And yeah, we all have it. 

fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: PMS

P  Pissed at
M  Men
S  Syndrome
Quote on default ecard: Mother nature you are
one sneaky bitch.

PERIOD. Quote on default ecard: (TV) Quote on default ecard: I found your nose in my
business again. When did
you want to come pick
that up? Quote on default ecard: “Don't take rest after your first victory
because if you fail in second, more lips
are waiting to say that your first
victory was just luck.” Quote on default ecard: Some ASD children like
to keep their collection
of items in an isolated
area. I like to form
barricades with mine in
high traffic areas. 

AllOverTheSpectrum Quote on default ecard: He's not a real man until he pays child
support Quote on default ecard: My friends warned my about my man
being full of himself. Boy,
were they right. I mean I
dont see how he fits all
that in those jeans
Boy I'm glad they
warned me!

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    Pegged April 15, 2016

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