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    Quote on confession ecard: I love blackjack, but I'm not a gambling
addict.  I simply love sitting in
a semi circle. Quote on confession ecard: I speak my mind because it hurts to
bite my tongue. Confession ecard: If there was a way to read a
woman’s mind, I am not sure
I would want to. I hate shoes,
shopping, gossip, and I
already know I am
annoying. Confession ecard: Fact:
Mexico does not participate in the
Olympics because all the best
Mexican swimmers, runners and
jumpers live in
Quote on confession ecard: What I don't understand is how
women can throw
hot wax on their
bodies, let it dry, then
rip out every single
hair by its root, but 
still be scared of a
small spider. Quote on confession ecard: You know who drives me

YOU DO! Quote on confession ecard: IGNORANCE: Pissing
people off daily!

A Legion For Liam Quote on confession ecard: The more time I spend being around
people, the more I prefer to be
around my cats
instead. Quote on confession ecard: I had a blind date once. It didn't 
start out that way,
but she brought
pepper spray. Confession ecard: When I die, I want to die
like my grandfather who
died peacefully in his
sleep. Not screaming like
all the passengers in his

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card) – It’s not
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