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    Quote on confession ecard: Pretending to be polite
and interested is simply
exhausting My psychiatrist told
me I was crazy and I
said I want a second
opinion. He said
okay, you’re ugly
too. Sorry, I can’t
hangout. My uncle’s
cousin’s sister in
law’s best friend’s
insurance agent’s
roommate’s pet
goldfish died. Maybe
next time. Confession ecard: A Mistake increases your experience
& experience decreases your mistakes.
You learn from your mistakes then
others learn from your success. Quote on confession ecard: Happiness is doing a
good deed and then
someone finding out
afterwards Quote on confession ecard: I'm not clumsy.  It's just that the floor
hates me, the tables and chairs are
bullies and the wall always tries to get
in my way Quote on confession ecard: I feel an immediate bond with all
women who
cuss as much
as me. Confession ecard: Some people live upside
down. They like to talk
out their ass and the
only thing that
comes outta their
mouth is shit. Quote on confession ecard: Are you talking during
Dr. Who??? The last
person who did that
EX-TER-MI-NATED! Confession ecard: Fact:
Mexico does not participate in the
Olympics because all the best
Mexican swimmers, runners and
jumpers live in
Quote on confession ecard: What I don't understand is how
women can throw
hot wax on their
bodies, let it dry, then
rip out every single
hair by its root, but 
still be scared of a
small spider. Confession ecard: 
If you can't get the
skeleton out of your
closet, you'd best teach
it to dance

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    Converse Trainers | Converse All Star Quote on reminders ecard: Rumors are carried by
haters, spread by fools
and accepted by
idiots Thin Wavy Rhinestone Headband 0.99 clubber - Drape-Front Zip-Accent Dress I'm not angry I'm happiness challenged! meme Horizon Elliptical EX59 | Horizon Fitness EX 59 Ellipticals Picture of TNCC Squirms Bag 180g x 12 Room 09 Shop WordPress Theme Quote on default ecard: When people rob banks, they go to

When banks rob
people, they get a
bonus. Home Magazines Rifle Magazines Magazines HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE Exped Scout Combi Ultralight Hammock Baby Powder Pack Of Tealights


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