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    Quote on default ecard: Had this funny dream
last night that I was
Superman, but I was
only able to fly really
low to the ground
because I'm 
chubby. Quote on default ecard: Autism dads don't have to
live vicariously through
their children. And,
yeah.that makes them
cooler than you. 

fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: If you really really
want to slap
someone, just do it. 
Just make sure you
say Quote on default ecard: 888 number? well go fuck
yourself! love the call block
app! Quote on default ecard: When hipsters 
replaced hippies, we lost 
free love and drugs

.and got skinny jeans.

Worst. Trade. Ever. Quote on default ecard: You may look old and wise to the
outside world but to me you will
always remain my little brother
who loved to listen to stories and
roamed the house on his plastic potty.
Happy Rakhi, Ume. Quote on default ecard: If people were easily influenced by
video games, then the
majority of Facebook users would
be farmers by now Quote on default ecard: You shouldn't take it personally
if your ASD child can't
reciprocate your
affection. Stop being a
needy diva.

alloverthespectrum Quote on default ecard: Apparently, when facebook pages
steal other facebook pages
work and present it as
their own. They choose 
high quality work. 
Thank God my
stuff is safe.
Quote on default ecard: Kevan says:

I like you! Quote on default ecard: When I'm bored, I text a
random number and say,
Quote on default ecard: Shouldn't bitch slapping
stupid people 
be considered
a public 

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    White Owl Blunt Box Kenzo Flower White Owl Cigarillos Silver 60 Box Day/Night Pill Organizer No, you don't have the right to remain silent meme Personalised Rose Wine Polohemd Quote on default ecard: I'm not arguing.  I'm
simply explaining why I'm
right and you're wrong. Cavallino VERTICAL STRIPE SCUBA LEGGINGS - BOTTOMS Quote on sarcasm ecard: 
I would like to thank all
teachers for making
classes as boring as
possible to prepare me
for business meetings
and presentations TV ecard: 
Working hard to fulfill your
dreams could someday make
you not as famous
as the cast of Jersey


    Pegged February 12, 2015

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