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    Quote on rude ecard: Congratulations,

You've been in the room
with me for only 
10 seconds and
annoyed me 3
times. Quote on rude ecard: I want to be the reason
you look down at your
phone and then walk
into a pole Quote on rude ecard: The customer is always
right?  Screw that.
Sometimes the customer
is just an asshole Quote on rude ecard: 
I've learned that pleasing
everyone is impossible.,
but pissing everyone
off is way easier and
so much fun! Quote on rude ecard: I'd tell you to kiss my ass
but I'm pretty sure you
would fall in love with
me and then I would
never be able to get rid
of you. Quote on rude ecard: 
Home is wear the pants
aren't Quote on rude ecard: 
Just so you know, if you
make an ass out of 
yourself, there will always
be someone to ride you Quote on rude ecard: I really do think that the
universe would be a much
more better place without
a stupid, irritating, childish,
incompetent, mentally
thief mother
FUCKER,like yourself Quote on rude ecard: 
I have PMS and a

Any questions? Quote on rude ecard: 
Sometimes I wish I was a
bird so I could fly over
people and shit on
their heads Quote on rude ecard: Life is so much more fun
when you have a dirty
mind Quote on rude ecard: So a man walks into a bar
with a monkey.  I forgot
the rest of the joke but
your mom is a whore.

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    Quote on sarcasm ecard: Oh you have a cold?  How
rude of me.  I just laid an
egg and now my body
is violently ripping
down the walls of my
uterus.  But, can I get
you a tissue? Don't drink and walk.  meme Skater Dress in Stripe Design Weather Journal: Storm System Moves In <br> Monday will be Greater New Yorks first and last day of relative calm this week, as big weather changes are afoot of the impending storm on Greater New York will be 12 to 18 hours of windy deluge. As the front nears the East Coast on Humor ecard: Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions.

Chocolate understands Koa Wood Hale in Kailua-Kona, USA Rooms at NIKE Dart 10 Leather Men's Running Shoes Reminders ecard: One small positive thought in the
morning can change
your entire day. Studded Stretch Belt insulated and winter boots women Peter Kaiser Nixe high heel court shoes in black and silver patent Black Rhinestone Cleavage Top


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