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    Humor ecard: I hate when part of my
outfit I mentally planned is
in the laundry Quote on humor ecard: 
I desperately want to go
camping this summer.  

Preferably in a hotel. 
With a pool.
And a spa. Humor ecard: If a man whistles at me, I don't

I'm a lady, not a dog Humor ecard: 
Whenever someone calls
me ugly, I feel super sad and
hug them.  I know life must be
tough for the visually impaired. Quote on humor ecard: When I grow up I
want a son first, then
a daughter.  That way,
my son can beat up
anyone who makes
my little girl cry Quote on humor ecard: I'm great in bed!

I can sleep for days Quote on humor ecard: 

I prefer the term Quote on humor ecard: On my application forms,
when it asks who to
contact in case of
emergency, I always say
the police or an
ambulance.  I mean,
what's my mother
going to do? Humor ecard: Bitch, I am not insulting you.  I am
describing you. Humor ecard:      
I don't have bad handwriting, I have
my own font

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I only wait until the last
second to do my work
because I will be older,
therefore wiser


    Pegged May 23, 2016

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