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    Quote on eating ecard: I love spending the day with my
daughter at Disneyland. Especially
when I'm shit faced drunk!
Cuca's gonna kill
me! Quote on eating ecard: I don't exercise.  If God had
wanted me to bend
over, he would have put
diamonds on the floor Quote on eating ecard: Raising cookies that look like
chocolate chip cookies are
the main reason I have
trust issues Quote on eating ecard: I'm not hungry, but I am bored.

Therefore, I shall
eat! Quote on eating ecard: If you want to feel
young and thin on
your birthday: simply
hang out with old, fat
people on your
birthday. Quote on eating ecard: You're not hungry, you're bored.

Know the difference! Quote on eating ecard: I'm not fat!

I just love my muscles so
much I protect them
with fat. Quote on eating ecard: Dear stomach,

You're bored, not
hungry so leave me
alone. Quote on eating ecard: I eat cake because it's
somebody's birthday
somewhere. Quote on eating ecard: Hell is other people, before coffee. Quote on eating ecard: Since everyone says that
you are what you eat, I think
I need to eat a skinny
person. Quote on eating ecard: Dear stomach,

You're bored, not hungry
so shut up!

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     RICK HUBBARD REALLY MAKES ME NUTS meme 'Expendables 2' fillled with all the guy movie staples <br> In 2010, Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo) gave us the example of what that He invites new team member Billy the Kid, played by Liam Hemsworth (Last Song, Hunger Games) and Chinese warrior Maggie (Nan Yu) to assist them men in saving a village of Red Long Heart Ribbon Home :: Clothing :: Socks  Booties :: One Less Car Socks LOVE Black And White Spot Sleeveless Side Cut Out Dress - In Love With Quote on confession ecard: To us, drink responsibly means don't
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