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    Quote on default ecard: The only hall of fame I will ever make
is the Alcohol of fame! Quote on default ecard: Anthea gets a lot of her
cardio by
speed-walking around
the house looking
for wine glasses.

Happy Birthday
Anthea xx Quote on default ecard: I wanted to be a witch for Halloween
but my mother in law wouldn't lend
me her dress. Quote on default ecard: 
The answer may not be
at the bottom of the
bottle, but it doesn't
hurt to look there Quote on default ecard: (Me) Damn, doc, I'm losing my hair.
What can you give
me to keep it in?

(Dr.) a plastic bag
Quote on default ecard:        WHILE LEAVING BALLGAME
(Officer) have you 
been drinking?

(Me) Yes, but I
assure you officer,
I can't afford to
get drunk there. Quote on default ecard: Water is the most essential element of
life, because without
water, you can't make
coffee Quote on default ecard: Folks are worried about 
global warming and social security,
when the real crisis is that one
day elderly drivers will
know how to text. Quote on default ecard: Just had that difficult 
conversation with 
my kids about
internet porn.
All I could manage 
was, Quote on default ecard: 

napravim Roka slatko

:-) Quote on default ecard: Middle age: that time when you finally
get your shit together but your body
begins to fail Quote on default ecard: Yes I do sell Tupperware
and I keep my money in
a Fridge-smart
Because, it will stay
green longer!

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    LOVE Apple Green Spot Skater Dress Pa. health officials would oversee new Magee-Womens Hospital security measures <br> Quote on default ecard:  Happy New Year! Here's hoping you
fall asleep before
this year. 

alloverthespectrum Jacoby Ellsbury hurts wrist in Yankees' 3-2 win over Braves <br> More than an hour by rain. Braves: Teheran had two strikeouts and a walk. Yankees: Pineda struck out four. TRAINER'S ROOM Yankees: LF Brett Gardner will play in his third game Sunday against Minnesota since bruising his left wrist in last year's ExOfficio Chaleur Boucle Full Zip Sweater (Women's) - Wool Tops - Rock Petite Swirl Pocket Denim Capris HER FIRST HUNGER GAMES NEARLY RUINED US LET'S SEND HER BACK AGAIN meme Speak up for our non verbal children !!   meme SHOWERCOAT Obama's big speech moved into cramped arena as storms loom <br> Tropical Storm Isaac disrupted Romney's Republican nominating convention last week in Florida will conclude in the late hours with Obama's nomination for a second term. Ruched Mini Dress Ryans lie-a-thon has marathon implications <br> When Paul Ryan said last week he had run a sub-three-hour marathon, Americas running community had to be impressed. Thats sub-seven-minute miles for 26.2 miles, a tough task for most runners  including young ones, which is what Ryan was when he


    Pegged January 18, 2015

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