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    Quote on default ecard: The best thing about being single is
sleeping around.  You can
sleep allover that bed of
yours.  Left, right, center
wherever Quote on default ecard: 
DISFRAZAO Quote on default ecard: My ASD child was put
on this planet to teach
NT's about compassion
and patience. You can
choose to grow from
your encounter with
them. Or you can keep
being a douche bag. Quote on default ecard: I don't give two shits
about.SQUIRREL!!!!! Quote on default ecard: Big butt?

Mine might be big
but there's no song about
your flat one!!

Squat!! Quote on default ecard: God, please give me

If you give me strength, I
may just punch them
out. Quote on default ecard: Just one more

After all it is
Sunday Quote on default ecard: I'm not playing hard to
get.  I'm playing leave
me the fuck alone Quote on default ecard: I now pronounce you
husband and wife.  You
may now update your
Facebook Status. Quote on default ecard:  Some days you just
need to cry and
scream at the top of
your lungs releasing
all that built up stress
and frustration 
*sigh* I feel better

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    120914 Paper Plane  I wish   FT Island Mu Bank Small Emergency Disaster Survival Kit | For Car, Work or School Paper Lamp Shade How to, Decor it Yourself SHOWERCOAT 42 INCHES Caravelle New York Womens Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet Rose Gold Watch   44L160 classic bootcut Humor ecard: If carrying a cranky toddler while
pushing an empty stroller
through a shopping
mall, to find the
perfect shoes, was an
Olympic event, I'm
sure I'd come home
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    Pegged January 26, 2015

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