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    Quote on confession ecard: My husband thinks
I'm crazy.  However,
he's the one who
married me. Confession ecard: Fact:
Mexico does not participate in the
Olympics because all the best
Mexican swimmers, runners and
jumpers live in
Confession ecard: A good man can make you feel sexy,
strong and able to
take on the
winewine does
that We must believe in
luck. For how else
can we explain the
success of those we
don’t like? Quote on confession ecard: Are you talking during
Dr. Who??? The last
person who did that
EX TER MI NATED! Quote on confession ecard: I hate it when I'm mentally 
undressing someone 
and my O.C.D. kicks 
in and I start folding 
their clothes. Quote on confession ecard: Sometimes the thoughts in my
head get so bored, they
go out for a stroll
through my mouth.

That's rarely a good
thing. Quote on confession ecard: To the b!tch who accused me of
looking for pity by sharing
our story, the door is that
way. I'm sorry I don't sugar
coat our life for your
A Legion for Liam Confession ecard: I live in fear of hearing a
Justin Bieber song and
actually liking it. Quote on confession ecard: This whole grown up
thing has been so fun, but I
have to go now I didn’t fall. The
floor just needed a
hug. Quote on confession ecard: I didn't say it was your fault.  All I said
was that I'm blaming

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    Pegged May 7, 2014

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