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    Quote on confession ecard: The less you give a
damn, the happier you
will be Confession ecard: A meal without wine is like a day
without sunshine, except that
on a day without
sunshine you can still
get drunk. Confession ecard: A Toast:
May you die in bed at
ninety-five years,
shot by a jealous husband Quote on confession ecard: Insomnia is nature's way of saying that
you are not done bugging
people for the day Quote on confession ecard: If only mosquitoes
sucked fat instead of
blood. Confession ecard: Bacon.
I put that shit on
Confession ecard: Karma is like a rubber band.
You can only stretch it
so far before it comes
back and smacks you
in the face. Quote on confession ecard: Sometimes the thoughts in my
head get so bored, they
go out for a stroll
through my mouth.

That's rarely a good
thing. Quote on confession ecard: Ohh cuanta crítica
negativa, lo tomaré
con orgullo solo a los
árboles cargados de
frutos se les tira
tanta piedra Quote on confession ecard: I just wish my ex could 
look down from heaven
and see me right now

but NO, the 
bastard is still alive!!! Quote on confession ecard: Being a person is getting too

Time to become a
unicorn. Quote on confession ecard: No amount of sleep in the world
could cure the tiredness I feel

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    Reminders ecard: Instead of always wanting more,
appreciate what you already
have and you might
realize, you don’t
need anything else. preview Padron 3000 Maduro Speedo swim shorts men's Photo Video Digital Cameras, Photography Equipment Cartridges for tank electronic cigarette 510ECO-T - 10 pack Quote on drunk ecard: My 12 step program is parking closer
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    Uploaded March 4, 2014

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