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    Quote on confession ecard: I'm going to stand outside so
if anyone asks, I'm outstanding. Quote on confession ecard: It may look like I'm doing 
nothing, but I'm
actively waiting for 
my problems to 
go away. Quote on confession ecard: This whole grown up
thing has been so fun, but I
have to go now Quote on confession ecard: Happiness is doing a
good deed and then
someone finding out
afterwards Quote on confession ecard: Being polite is so rare these days that
it's often confused with flirting Quote on confession ecard: We'd rather take coffee than
compliments right now! Quote on confession ecard: I admit, I've typed Confession ecard: A meal without wine is like a day
without sunshine, except that
on a day without
sunshine you can still
get drunk. Confession ecard: 
May pope Francis be the
best old catholic guy
you've never heard of
to tell you how to
run your life Quote on confession ecard: I think my soulmate might
be carbs Quote on confession ecard: Are you talking during
Dr. Who??? The last
person who did that
EX TER MI NATED! Quote on confession ecard: The tag on my
underwear has been 
tickling my ass all day.

I was gonna cut 
it off but I'm 
really really lonely.

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    Pegged March 4, 2014

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