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    Quote on love ecard: One time I caught myself smiling for
no apparent reason.
Then I realized I was thinking
about you. Quote on love ecard: 
A real man never stops trying
to show a woman how much
he loves her, even after
he's got her! Quote on love ecard: Roses are red,
The grass is green,
I want you in my bed,
If you know what I mean. Quote on love ecard: They say love hides behind
every corner.

I must be walking in
circles Quote on love ecard: Tell a girl she's beautiful and
she'll believe you for a second.

Tell a girl she's ugly and
she'll believe you for a
lifetime. Quote on love ecard: Love at first sight is
possible, but it never
hurts to take a second
look. Quote on love ecard: Love is like a booger.  You keep
picking at it until you get it.  Then you
wonder what to do with
it Quote on love ecard: If it's not making you better, it's not

True love makes you
more of who you
are, not less. Quote on love ecard: Why was Cupid was
chosen for Valentine's
Day? When I think of
romance, the last thing
on my mind is a
half-naked, chubby,
toddler coming at me
with a weapon Quote on love ecard: I used to be crazy and
then I had kids.  Now
I'm completely insane Quote on love ecard: I'm not spoiled!

My husband just loves
me Quote on love ecard: Love is when you look someone in
the eyes and see everything
you've dreamed of.

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    Adam Truro Ivory with Ribbon Brass Electric Fire Border Terrier dog with toy, Norfolk eForChina - Digital Spoon Scale with LCD Display, Scale Range: 0.1g Bath Salts Wedding Favor Idea Double-click to view larger image Quote on default ecard: Sure i will make you
a coffee while
you sit on your ass.
I hope the arsenic
kicks in before
the soaps start.
 Reminders ecard: Girls are like phones.  We
love to be held, talked to. 
But, if you press the wrong
button, you'll be
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    Uploaded April 16, 2014

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