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    Quote on default ecard: (Me) I bet other husbands 
don't get put in timeout!

(Wife) I bet they 
don't put their
phone number on 
a Craigslist ad either! Quote on default ecard: Accountants are not boring. 
Stop by and I'll
show  you why! Quote on default ecard: We spread autism
awareness at an upscale
boutique. Autism it isn't
just at Wal-Mart.

fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard:  Just remember this. 
cell phones can do a lot
BUT texting themselves  
hmmm.I don't think
so!!  Sweet dreams. Quote on default ecard: People should seriously stop expecting
normal from me.  We all
know it's never gonna
happen Quote on default ecard: Be a wolf
Be a lion
Take no shit
Set goals
Smash them Quote on default ecard: My wife says I don't listen
to hersomething along
those lines Quote on default ecard: A recent study concluded
that women who put on
a little weight live
longer than their
men who mention
that. Quote on default ecard: No I heard you the first
time.  It just takes me a
minute to process so
much stupid at one time Quote on default ecard: My goal is to become the
person my dog already
thinks I am. Quote on default ecard: Having a child with autism
means not worrying about
someone breaking into
your home to steal your
stuff. Who would want
all this broken shit? 

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Kevan says:

I like you!

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    Pegged June 24, 2015

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