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    Quote on love ecard: If you love someone,
set them free.

If they come back,
make sure to get
them tested for STDs. Quote on love ecard: If a man speaks at sea, where no
woman can hear, is he still wrong? Quote on love ecard: If it's not making you better, it's not

True love makes you
more of who you
are, not less. Quote on love ecard: Love is when you look someone in
the eyes and see everything
you've dreamed of. Quote on love ecard: You are the most beautiful
combination of DNA. I crave
every part of you. From
the pinnacle of your
head to the underside
of your toes. Quote on love ecard: They say love hides behind
every corner.

I must be walking in
circles Quote on love ecard: 
A real man never stops trying
to show a woman how much
he loves her, even after
he's got her! Quote on love ecard: Girls don't dress for
boys.  Girls dress for
girls!  If girls dressed
for boys, they would
walk around naked all
the time Quote on love ecard: I love you with all my butt.

I would say heart but my
butt is bigger Quote on love ecard: Just wanted to let you know that I
love you even though you have your
clothes on right now Quote on love ecard: If she likes you, she'll tackle you,
sing to you, be weird around
you, dance for you,
scream at you, take
your food and be
mean to you. Quote on love ecard: 
I think I left a blowjob at
your house.  Do you mind
if I come and get it?

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