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    Quote on default ecard: You think he bought it

Quote on default ecard: Do you really think its a
good idea to tell ASD
parents you avoid
vaccinations because
you don't want your
children to get autism? 

AllOverTheSpectrum Quote on default ecard: We spread autism awareness loudly
at the're welcome.

Quote on default ecard: Mess with me and I'll let Karma do its

Mess with my family
and I become
Karma. Quote on default ecard: Had this funny dream
last night that I was
Superman, but I was
only able to fly really
low to the ground
because I'm 
chubby. Quote on default ecard: The difference between
your opinion and vodka
is that I asked for vodka. Quote on default ecard: I have a condition that
prevents me from going
on a diet.It's called
HUNGER! Quote on default ecard: My husband said he will
leave me if I don't stop

God I am going to miss
him. Quote on default ecard: I used to be a
windbreaker.  Now I'm
just an old fart. Quote on default ecard: Peace ? What is that ? Quote on default ecard: Don't you worry! I assure you that
your recent accomplishments at work
have gone largely unnoticed. Quote on default ecard: Having a child with autism
means not worrying about
someone breaking into
your home to steal your
stuff. Who would want
all this broken shit? 

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