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    Quote on confession ecard: I speak my mind because it hurts to
bite my tongue. Life is all bout
ass… you’re either
kissing it, behaving
like it, covering
it, working it off,
or trying to get a
piece of it. Quote on confession ecard: No amount of sleep in the world
could cure the tiredness I feel Quote on confession ecard: It's ironic that the colors red, white
and blue are patriotic until
they flash behind you. Quote on confession ecard: Sometimes the thoughts in my
head get so bored, they
go out for a stroll
through my mouth.

That's rarely a good
thing. Confession ecard: Fact:
Mexico does not participate in the
Olympics because all the best
Mexican swimmers, runners and
jumpers live in
Confession ecard: 
Everyone is entitled to their
own opinion. It's just
that yours is stupid. Quote on confession ecard: It may look like I'm doing 
nothing, but I'm
actively waiting for 
my problems to 
go away. Quote on confession ecard: I feel an immediate bond with all
women who
cuss as much
as me. Confession ecard: My idea of a Happy Meal is a bottle of
wine, 3 Valium and a pudding cup. Confession ecard: 
I wish I could retire like
the Pope before my legacy
becomes even more
embarrassing. Quote on confession ecard: If you're telling me you can't handle
me at my worst then I completely
understand.  I can't

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    Kick Dougy Infant (leather and suede tan) Quote on haters ecard: HATERS

H  Having 
A  Anger
T  Towards
E  Everyone
R  Reaching
S  Success 'Bamboo Charlie' leaves behind his L.A. River paradise <br> A coroner investigator said officials determined he died of heart would come an hour early to work every day. A good guy, a friendly attitude, Renntaxi Nascar   Circuit de Dijon  Venom GT delivered Hennessey Venom GT finally debuts Hennessey Venom Simple Style High Waist Pleated Dress Moment in the spotlight: Are political conventions still relevant? <br> stories/stories/ktvl vid 2475.shtml Fossil Mens Nate Chronograph Stainless Watch   Gunmetal Bracelet   Black Dial   JR1478 Tartaan & Co IF MARY GAVE BIRTH TO JESUS AND HE IS THE LAMB OF GOD DID MARRY HAVE A LITTLE LAMB? meme Brocade Clutch IT JUST LIKEEXPLODED OR SOMETHING meme


    Pegged February 10, 2014

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