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    Quote on confession ecard: I had the best dream last
night.  You were in it
and you got hit by a
truck Quote on confession ecard: If you were my mom, I'd
still be breastfeeding Quote on confession ecard: No amount of sleep in the world
could cure the tiredness I feel Quote on confession ecard: I never make the same
mistake twice.  I make
it 4 or 5 times, just to
be sure Confession ecard: Myspace is my ex husband, Facebook
is my baby daddy,
Twitter is my ho and
I'm in a serious
relationship with
imgfave. Confession ecard: I dont make enough money
to go on vacation, so I'm just
going to get drunk this weekend
until I dont know where I am. Quote on confession ecard: Dear life,

I've had enough bullshit
for a while.  Can we take
a little break please? Confession ecard: Happy Mother's Day.
I never asked to be born
so don't be surprised
that I expect pocket
money from you, for
the rest of your life. 
Here's some flowers. Quote on confession ecard: The only reason I have a
kitchen is because it came
with the house Quote on confession ecard: There is no life without water. That's
because without water,
there is no coffee.  And,
if there's no coffee, I'll
kill you all Sorry, I can’t
hangout. My uncle’s
cousin’s sister in
law’s best friend’s
insurance agent’s
roommate’s pet
goldfish died. Maybe
next time. Quote on confession ecard: It's better to shut up and
give the impression that
you're stupid than to
say something and
erase all doubt.

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    Quote on drunk ecard: I don't have a drinking problem.  I just
get really thirsty. Actress in DiCaprio movie loses weight, seeks work <br> The unlikely actress who landed a role alongside Johnny Depp and Leonardo the last take, a surprise birthday party erupted      for her. Can You Be Fat and Fit  or Thin and Unhealthy? <br> In a new study by U.S. and European researchers, published [PDF] in the European Heart Journal presented last week at the European Society of Cardiology meeting that was based on 14 years of data from aCenters for Disease Control and Rich Plum Body Butter customer reviews   product The Democratic caucus was a joke <br> Last Tuesday, I went to my first caucus is not having to spend four hours on a hard bleacher seat witnessing insanity. Caucuses are not democratic or just. A caucus ends up representing the opinions of a handful of people who are either retired 1ST PAGANI HUAYRA IN LONDON!! Driving on the road! Looks insane. Quote on rude ecard: I hate when people say Juega xbox con Mark Zuckerberg! Wholesale   30 Antique Silver Valentine Chocolate Charm Drops/Pendants DC REBOUND UL TODDLER SHOE Wedding Bells Christmas Ornament' Niche Snowboards Theme Snowboard


    Pegged May 11, 2014

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